Finally! Kids will eat their veggies!

Alright mamas, I know it sounds unbelievable, but now it CAN happen!

I’m not some seriously insta-famous blogger, I don’t get offers from companies regularly to test out their products; so when EasyPeasie approached me about trying their ground veggie blend for my family and me, I’ll admit, I was skeptical.  Since I’m not used to this, I normally assume it is some kind of scam (lol), but this stuff and the women that brilliantly made it are the real deal.

This blend was created by two brilliant doctors (and sisters) who took the struggle of getting tiny humans to consume the nasty, torturous, green things into their own hands. They took dried vegetables and ground them into a powder,again, they ground the vegetables into a powder (why didn’t we think of this before!) that you can sprinkle on to literally anything! You can season all your foods the way you normally do, then just add a couple teaspoons (or add more if you still don’t taste it), and there you have already 1/4 cup serving of vegetables! Their idea was to do this to not only get their servings in, but also to prep the palates of our little people to eat vegetables more later on.

They provided me with all the information I needed regarding their backgrounds (in pediatrics and engineering), where they source their vegetables from and what vegetables were in the mix. Also, they provide ideas for recipes and how to start using it in their package and on their pages. So, after I thoroughly read all of this, I was hooked. If this all meant my child wouldn’t be deprived of their vegetable serving, I was going to give it a try.

I used the powder first on my own lunch of chicken and rice (to of course be sure it wouldn’t taste crazy before I gave it to my toddler) and realized I couldn’t taste the vegetable flavor.  I then added the powder into the seasoning mix I used to make hamburgers with ground beef, and still nothing; and not only nothing, but my toddler ate the complete half of a slider I gave her without a blink!

Not to sound like a cheesy endorser (I am though), but I am SO thankful that EasyPeasie was created. This powder will now be a permanent fixture in my seasoning cabinet, and my child (and husband, shhh) will be getting their vegetables in and won’t even know it ;).

Thanks Jamelah and Dorielle! ❤